The Beauty of Decorative Glass Doors

The Beauty of Decorative Glass Doors

The front door is the first point of entry for household guests. It provides visitors and passersby a glimpse into the personality of the inside of a home.
Because first impressions are important, many homeowners opt for the elegance and beauty of decorative glass paneled doors. There are many styles of decorative glass, giving homeowners plenty of opportunity to find the panel that best complements the entrance to their home. Below is information on a few of the types of glass used to create decorative panels for entry doors.

Tempered Glass
Four to five times stronger than standard glass, the strength and heat resistance of tempered comes from the extreme heating and rapid cooling method from which it is produced. This causes it to shatter into little oval-shaped pebbles instead of sharp shards if broken, earning it the nickname "safety glass." In addition to decorative door panels, tempered is used in the production of an immense variety of products that include oven windows, computer screens and shower doors.

Beveled Glass
Popular among door manufacturers, beveled glass is a single pane with edges cut at an angle around the entire perimeter. The beveled edges allow it to capture light in a unique way that produces a wide spectrum of visually appealing colors. Beveled is typically cut from standard glass. However, some artists and manufacturers also perform the beveled process on colored textured glass to enhance the beauty of a design.

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