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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Art Glass Windows and Doors

Make Your Home Stand Out From the Rest With Gorgeous Art Glass Windows and Doors!

Whether you're bored with your home's plain facade or you're interested in adding even more charm to your whimsical Victorian, art glass windows are a great way to give your home character and style. Encompassing both beveled glass windows and stained glass windows, art glass is a gorgeous way to add architectural detail and interest to your home.

Art glass isn't just for churches anymore! From commercial applications to residential homes, art glass can help your building look great with eye-catching color, sparkle, and appeal. Available in a huge variety of looks and styles both contemporary and traditional, these stunning windows can be designed to suit almost any home and decor. Your area glass company can help create a custom stained glass or beveled window for just about any part of your home. The most popular locations for these beautiful accent windows include:

•Entrance doors
•Transoms, arches, and eyebrow windows
•Accent windows (round, oval, octagonal, etc)

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