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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Effect of Poorly Insulated Glass in Your Windows

The Effect of Poorly Insulated Glass in Your Windows

The Department of Energy estimates that over 20% of the heat loss or gain in your home may be due to radiation which comes through poorly or non-insulated glass. It is not uncommon for apparently well-built homes to have windows that measure a high (U) Factor (which is undesirable). To reinforce this point, here is a direct quote from a Department of Energy publication:

"Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Windows provide views, day lighting, ventilation and solar heating in the winter. Unfortunately, they can also account for 10% to 25% of your heating bill. During the summer, sunny windows make your air conditioner work two to three times harder. If you live in the Sun Belt, look into new solar control spectrally selective windows, which can cut the cooling load by more than half." (Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at the Home)

The Department of Energy publications are replete with advice on how to reduce the cost of energy in your home, a major factor of which relates to inefficient windows. If you check your windows now and find the glass is single pane, you probably would have been wise to replace them sometime ago.

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